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Richard Horowitz Richard Horowitz

Richard Horowitz

  • PA, INTMED,NEPCG, Physician
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Dr. Richard Horowitz is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care in a traditional solo practice setting, while leveraging the latest medical technologies available to promote wellness and disease prevention. He is passionate about the art of medicine and the pursuit of good health and practices in a compassionate, comfortable and private setting.

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About “Richard Horowitz”

Dr. Horowitz is known as an incomparable diagnostician. His training in internal medicine and nephrology (kidneys) has made him uncommonly sophisticated in diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care for his patients. Internists are your most sophisticated general doctor. Internal Medicine is a discipline that is focused on the care of adults, ages 16 and older, that uses the best medical science available to diagnose conditions and care for patients in the context of a thoughtful, meaningful doctor-patient relationship.

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Internal medicine
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